Dear Best 8 Days family,

I know that many of you are trying to plan your life around Best 8 Days 2021 and are needing to know if it’s going to happen in the age of CoVid. My plan at this point is to approach 2021 as if it’s going to happen. There are, however, some caveats.


There needs to be much improved and widespread vaccination and testing. Certainly Karen and I need to have received 1st and 2nd doses. Though Karen and I (at higher risk due to being ancient) could conceivably not attend personally for the 1st time in…well, ever, it still remains risky for any of our leadership and for the students and families if the vaccination program hasn’t progressed to where herd immunity has become a real thing. As things stand right now, there’s a lot that needs to turn around and go right for that to happen.  


I choose to remain optimistic. Please join us in confident prayer and make plans for Best8days 2021. Registration is now open.


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