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Update as of May 9, 2021

Dear Best8days Fam,


Departure day is almost upon us!  In order to pull this off in the age of CoVid (is anyone as tired of that phrase as I am?), we’re going to need to be prepared to roll with the requirements of the restaurants, gas stations, state regulations, etc etc etc.  We are not requiring that you be vaccinated in order to attend.  That being said, we know that many of you are or will be vaccinated by the time we depart.  This will make for a more relaxed week and that’s a good thing.  Masks may be required at some locations along the way and the guidelines are in a constant state of flux, so we’ll just have to adjust on the fly and everyone should bring masks with them for such situations (we will also have a limited supply of disposables).  Please take an attitude of cooperation and tolerance towards others in this regard…no mask shaming on either side of the issue.  If you are uncomfortable not wearing a mask, it’s perfectly ok to have one on at all times and we’d encourage you to do so.  


If you are experiencing CoVid symptoms within a few days of departure (or even the morning of), please call, text or email Karen so that she can advise.


That’s about it for now!

See you soon,


In Him,


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