Dear Best 8 Days family,

After much thought, prayer, research and with a heavy heart, I have decided that we won’t be able to offer best8days for 2020. I won’t detail all of the factors that went into the decision, but it’s not based solely on government guidelines. Based on the best medical information I’ve been able to gather, it’s simply not wise to go ahead in the face of the pandemic. I realize that some may feel that I’m being overly cautious. I can live with that…but the fact remains that there is simply no way to transport 80 people in vans across the country and spend a week in the close confines of Hermit Basin safely. Best8days is the polar opposite of social distancing. If we have even one person unknowingly carrying the CoVid virus, it will inevitably spread to everyone by the end of the week…that I can’t live with (no, literally…Karen and I are hi-risk! ;o).

Over the course of the next week I will work on returning all deposits/payments. If you haven’t received yours by May 9, let me know just in case I inadvertently over-look someone.

Stay safe!

We love you all.