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Best 8 Days
May 16-25, 2024
*This includes the road trip*

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Best 8 Days has been a pivotal, life-changing experience for students for over 50 years. Over the course of time, hundreds of young adults have come to know the Savior for the first time and hundreds more have been impacted to make a deeper commitment through the Best 8 Days ministry. That’s what it’s all about: a place for you to be with Him.

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Dan and Karen Smith

Best 8 Directors, 30+ Years

The Plan


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A Best 8 Days road trip begins in Indiana then heads to Wichita, Kansas. From there, the caravan moves towards Westcliffe, Colorado. If you’re anywhere near this route, join the road trip. It’s a great way to get to know people before the week even starts!

1. Travel

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Once we arrive, you will register and receive your room assignment. Hermit Basin Conference Center is a rather large place. Now would be a good time to get settled into your room and begin exploring the grounds!

2. Check-In


Throughout the week, there will be opportunities for sight-seeing, mountain climbing, white water rafting, prayer, small groups, lakeside communion, late night talks and so much more! You will meet the most incredible people and make friends for life.

3. Enjoy



Hermit Basin Conference Center

Nestled in the heart of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range, 9,000 feet up on the slopes of majestic Spread Eagle Peak (elevation 13,423 feet), is Hermit Basin Conference Center. Located a few miles outside of Westcliffe and about an hour southwest of Pueblo, Colorado; this beautiful mountain resort is host to a multitude of faith-based groups, families and organizations. We like to call it home.

The Place
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